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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open at weekends? Yes, we are open 7 days a week. Our Summer opening hours are from 9am to 5.30pm including bank holidays, Winter opening hours are from 9.30am to 4pm including bank holidays.

How often do you conduct CBT courses? Everyday.  Most motorcycle schools use school playgrounds for Cbt training so can only conduct Cbt courses at weekends which means they may have a waiting list.  DMS has its own on-site private training grounds, so we very rarely have a waiting list, in general we can take your booking with 24 hours' notice.

Do I need my own motorcycle? No, we provide the latest motorcycles for you to use free of charge.

I don't have a helmet or any motorcycle clothing can I hire them from you? Yes.  Helmets, Jackets, Gloves and Waterproofs are all free of charge to hire.  We have a small selection of boots but for hygiene reasons we recommend you use your own footware, sturdy over the ankle protection is recommended but not essential unless you are taking part in big bike training (DAS or A2).

Do I have to take a theory test for Cbt training? No, it is not a current requirement, however it is a requirement to show and demonstrate that you have a good knowledge of the highway code to your instructor.  We ask that all Cbt trainees who have never ridden or driven on public roads to please study the highway code prior to training.

I have a full/provisional UK car licence do I need to obtain a provisional motorcycle licence? No, you already have provisional motorcycle entitlement on your full/provisional car licence (though it may not be visible to you on the newer UK licences).

I have an EU licence can I use this? ​No, you will need a UK licence

What motorcycles do you use?  For Cbt training we use Yamaha Ybr 125cc geared motorcycles and Peugeot V Click automatic scooters.  For DAS (Direct Access Scheme) and A2 training we use the new Kawasaki ER6n motorcycles.

How much will it cost to get a full or A2 motorcycle licence? ​There is no set answer to this as everyone has different abilities, needs and experience, however as a basic guide the following may help you:

1.  Novice motorcyclists and those who have never ridden a bike with gears and clutch...​ The best option for you would be our all inclusive course (option 2 £850 with free Cbt) as this will be the most economical route to your licence.  This course can be taken as a one week intensive course or spread over a period of time to suit you.  You can of course opt for option 1 (pay as you go £30 per hour) as this may be the most affordable way of paying for your motorcycle training.

2.  Some experience of riding motorcycles with gears and clutch... ​The best option for you will be either pay as you go (option 1 £30 per hour) or the daily rate (option 3 £140 per day). One of these options will offer you the most economical route to full licence as you shouldn't require the same amont of training that a novice motorcyclist will need. On average customers with motorcycle experience spend between £300 and £600 to obtain their full licence.

*Please note: We will not compromise our training.  We will always guide you to the most economical training package that suits both your needs and budget but never to the detriment of your safety, gaining your motorcycle licence at the first attempt and our reputation as the leading provider of motorcycle training in Derbyshire.

​How long will it take to get my licence?​  It can take between 1 (intensive course) and 6 weeks depending on what training package you have chosen, how often you can commit to lessons, your ability (some people naturally take longer than others), the time of year (test dates can be further away in the summer months as this is the busiest time of year), passing first time (we have a first time pass rate of well over 90%) if you fail module 1 or 2 you will have to wait 3 or 10 days respectively for a re-test.

DMS - Motorcycle training and skills for life; not just to pass your test.

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