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Direct Access (Often referred to as DAS) and A1/A2 Restricted Licences

There are 3 licence categories - A1, A2, and A .  Categories A1 & A2 are restricted licences, category A is a full motorcycle licence.

17 to 18 years of age A1 Licence – Motorcycles up to 125cc or 11kw (15bhp) 
19 to 23 years of age A2 Licence – Motorcycles up to 35 kw (47bhp)

Over 24 years of age Full Cat A Licence (or have held A2 Licence for 2 years) Enables you to ride a motorcycle of any capacity and power output.

There are two practical tests that must be passed to gain your restricted or full licence. They are: 

Module 1: a series of 8 exercises on a purpose built site at a DVSA test centre. 
Module 2: a road ride where you will be followed by a DVSA examiner. The road ride lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Before you can take your practical tests you must first take and pass the Motorcycle Theory Test. This can be booked online at dsa.gov.uk or you can call 0300 200 1122.  You can also practice this at http://gov.uk/take-practice-theory-test

You can start your training for the practical tests but will not be allowed to take module 1 or 2 tests until your theory test has been passed.

You must also have a current CBT certificate which we can also train you for and provide.

For those taking their full licence training with us we fully utilise today’s modern technology giving our customers valuable feedback helping them through their DAS course. This is in the form of:

Radar Speed Guns for helping you to get up to speed for the speed elements of the Module 1 test. This gives you instant feedback on your speed for the emergency stop and the avoidance manoeuvre allowing you to fully concentrate on the required manoeuvre and not look at the speedometer or worry about the speed.

Video Analysis for all Module 2 motorcycle training (Video Analysis is also used for the CBT road element). Our instructors use the latest Drift Innovation helmet cameras to film our trainees riding in superb HD (High Definition) quality which we play back on the big screen in our debriefing sessions at the end of every lesson. This is an incredibly useful resource which dramatically improves all of our customers riding skills.

Both of these technological resources are absolutely invaluable to our customers and are provided at no extra cost.

We also hire the module 1 test area for our customers to practice on prior to taking their module 1 test. All of our past customers agree that this is an invaluable experience that we provide to you again at no extra cost.

We can also help you with your Motorcycle Theory Test. We have training DVD’s and books that are available for you free of charge and of course our instructors have a wealth of knowledge on this subject.

Please contact us if you require further help or information on licencing.

We will train you to well above the required standard and our instructors have a first time pass rate of over 95%

We offer a full and free assessment to make sure you have the perfect package.  To book your free assessment, your DAS course or just for some friendly expert advice please call Mark on 07581 017754 or 01773 605655

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